Our philosophy

Embroidery on linen tape has had a long tradition.
We have made it our business to uphold this tradition together with our customers.
We take great care in the production of our linen tapes to supply top quality only.
Many creative people contribute to our efforts, and we have a wide variety of ranges to offer to young and old.
Motif printing, in particular, harmonizes with and complements cross stitch work.

Wall hangings, table mats and even tablecloths in many colours and patterns allow you to decorate and design your domestic environment to your own taste.
Linen tapes of various widths can be used for delightful curtains and cushions.

Our products are intended to provide pleasure and inspiration.
As a family business, we are flexible enough to meet almost any of our customers┬┤ wishes.
Those who have come to know us appreciate our great commitment.

All this taken together is the basis of a lasting friendship that far exceeds the usual buyer/seller relationship.